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and many thanks to visit my personal website

focused on four main topics
Investment, Talent, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Since June 2016, acting as an independent consultant, providing consulting on location selection; nearshore, shared services & outsourcing; management consulting; digital transformation & change management; global service delivery management; strategic analysis and Improvement tracks; organizational development; process re-engineering; recruitment & talent management; business & operations management; risk management; ...

With a non-profit mission of promoting the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Portugal.

With a professional career of:
43 years achieved on May 2016, including 22 years in IT, 8 years in industrial maintenance, 7 years working in aircraft industry, and since 2007 to 2016 in Shared Services & BPO.
30 years in Management Positions: National Level, Regional (Portugal & Spain) and Global.

What can I do for you?

Investment, Talent, Innovation, Entrepreneurship